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  • Category: Community
  • Published on: 27/02/2017

Since we all met a year ago, much has been achieved and collaboration between the various anti-poaching entities and implementing partners, and a number of direct, independent efforts have meant that there has been more training, more deployments, more resources, more prosecutions and more workshops and assistance provided to ZPWMA. We are also reaching out across the river to expand this collaborative effort.
Yet in the same period there has been a visible decline in elephant numbers in certain areas, and game drives or walks where elephant carcasses have been encountered have become more frequent. This does not bode well for anyone that has an interest in preserving our natural heritage nor those of us that have vested business interests that are dependent upon our wildlife resources.
So as we all know, far more still needs to be done. Donor and volunteer fatigue are very real factors. Presenting a cohesive approach to donors without a duplication of efforts is going to be the most efficient means of equitably channelling available funds directly to where they are needed. And establishing where funds are needed is going to be best determined by understanding each other’s efforts and communicating with one another. We also need to expand our range of voluntary skill sets.
To this end, please would you diarise the following:
Thursday 9 March at Old Georgians Sports Club –
177 The Chase, Groombridge
4.30 for 5 pm.
Tea and Coffee will be served with snacks kindly provided by Crispy Fresh. Drinks can be purchased through the club.
As per last year, this is not a fundraising event. It is intended as a very informal networking forum to share ideas, get a clearer idea of all of the various parties and entities that are involved, learn what is actually being done in different areas and exchange contact details where there are mutual areas of interest or opportunities to assist.
Should you require a few minutes to briefly address the meeting, please either advise in advance in order that this can be fitted into a timetable to ensure a brief and effective meeting, or alternatively please mail through in advance information on any specific topic or issue you may wish to have covered in the meeting
Please make an effort to attend.
RSVP if you can please:
By all means, please get the word out to anyone you know
who might like to come along., Zimbabwe


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